Chilibee's is a restaurant located in China, IL. Students and staff gather here for food and to socialize. Its name is a parody and portmanteau of real-life restaurants Chili's and Applebee's.

In "The Perfect Lecture", Frank dines here and throws up. The day afterward, he performs a "perfect lecture" as he calls it and becomes determined to repeat it. To do so, he feels he must do everything he did in the time just before his coveted lecture, so he dines here and vomits repeatedly to repeat his lecture to the disgust of the staff working here, especially Kim.

In "Do You Know Who You Look Like?", Steve pulls a ruse by acting selfishly to Baby Cakes in order to get a girl to break up with him.

The restaurant is destroyed during a fight between Clint and Barb due to tension over their failed relationship in "Magical Pet" as they double date with Pony and Steve.

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