Frank Smith is a history professor at UCI.


Frank is an attention seeker, caused by both his sibling rivalry with Steve and his reputation as being seen unattractive and not fashionable. In "Dean vs. Mayor", he gloats when given a higher position on campus than Steve, then is shown to be a go-getter to the Mayor. As shown in several other episodes, Frank yearns for a television special, preferably one on the History Channel. In "China-Man Begins", he yearns to be the center of attention for one of China's local news channels. Additionally, he desires sexual relations, much like Steve, although to a lesser extent; he claims to want to "eat every vagina in the world" in "The Diamond Castle", then has sexual relations with sorority girls in "Kenny Winker Rules".


Frank and Steve constantly rival one another, with Steve usually gaining an edge over Frank. Many times, Steve belittles and teases his brother, calling him names such as "Little Dog". In a flashback from "Rewind, Pause, Pay!", Steve is shown to have won a talent contest, while Frank never even got a chance to perform, and later, in "Frankensteve", he steals a girlfriend from Frank, claiming he enjoys stealing women from him and starting a feud with his brother over said girlfriend. When pranked by Steve in "Prank Week", Frank tops him in a way that's viewed as illegal, getting him fired from UCI. In "A Gentleman's Bet", Frank wins the titular bet against Steve, only to be unable to relish his prizes due to Steve's ego.

Despite their rivalry, Frank and Steve can get along. When joined together in "Frankensteve", the brothers gain many victories, and after separation, Frank's helped by Steve to win another match. Seeing Steve become injured in "Dean's List" gives Frank an adrenaline rush, showing that he does care for his brother deep within. With little to no conflict, the two join forces to swindle their students in "Is College Worth It?" following wage reductions due to the Dean's greed. Later, in "Prank Week", Frank bails Steve out when he's captured by Baby Cakes.

In addition to his brother, Frank has his parents, Ward and June. Though they visit campus in "Parent's Day", he doesn't reunite with them because he's away from town for most of the episode.


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