Green and Lee

Lee (left) and Green (right)

Green and Lee are two agents. Lee is mute and communicates via sign language, while Green translates it out loud.


In "Rewind, Pause, Pay!", they pursue Steve due to an incident occurring in 1982, which caused Ronald Reagan to become his enemy and stop time frequently to get revenge on Steve. With help from the staff, they bring Reagan to the campus.

Green appears in a news report in "Baby Boom", wherein he announces that the federal government won't be helping the school with a Steve's Son since it had nothing to do with the baby's creation.

They later appear in "Dean's List" as audience members to watch an annual game known as The Dean's List hosted by The Dean. When the remaining competitors realize that The Dean has the final object, The Dean tells Green to call for back up, knowing they'll team up against him and most likely kill him.

Green is one of Reagan's assistants in "A Gentleman's Bet" and "Charlize", while Lee never appears outside of Season 1.

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