Jen is a student who attends UCI.


Frank Smith develops a crush on her in "Frankensteve", but she falls in love with Steve Smith after he mates with her simply to annoy Frank. She continues to date Steve when he and his brother are conjoined and ignores Frank's plot to separate them. When Steve undoes the conjunction, Jen breaks up with him, thinking the act was disloyal. When Steve helps Frank win the wrestling match, she falls in love with him again, only for him to break up with her immediately, noting he wanted to do so ever since they met. She then plans to date Frank, only for him to reject her offer, claiming he is done annoying his brother.

She and every other student in campus fail their exams and have to retake them. She does not appear to be a good test taker, having slept through one part of the exam.

She is quite sociable, frequently seen talking to others. She is a drug addict, as shown when she snorts spray paint in her debut appearance.

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