For the monk, see Kim Li.

Kim (far left)

Kim was a student who began attending UCI in Season 2 and died in Season 3.


She first attended UCI in "The Perfect Lecture" alongside other incoming students for the new academic year.

In "Kenny Winker Rules", she briefly dated a gigantic bed bug that Pony fell in love with. Afterward, she briefly dated Trump's Kid in "Bi-Topping-Ality", but their relationship was ended by Steve, who assumed that Kim having a bruised eye was a sign of an abusive relationship.

In "Gummie World", she was revealed to have a sugar addiction and died after overdosing on sugar from an enormous gummy bear.


  • Kim despised lustful men, as witnessed in "Kenny Winker Rules" and "Bi-Topping-Ality".
  • Kim disliked music of Kenny Winker.
  • Kim was employed at Chilibee's.

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