Leonard Cakes is the professor of the Super Science department in UCI and the father of Baby Cakes.


In several episodes, Leonard is portrayed as more clumsy and incompetent. His clumsiness while kissing a woman in "Baby Boom" is the cause of the titular baby, and many other abnormal creations have resulted from his department. Later, in "Dream Reamer", his advice to Baby Cakes regarding Facebook is to friend everyone he knows, regardless of real-life status. Afterward, while competing in the eponymous game in "Dean's List", he single-handedly and unwittingly kills all of his teammates and five other competitors, making him the sole reason for 10 competitors' deaths. Albeit by accident, his error in performing a spell in "Charlize" causes the death of everyone on Earth save for Frank and Pony. In spite of this, Leonard does have some sophistication, though. He's able to take charge over Baby Cakes' reckless behavior in "Total Validation", and he builds a device to help Frank in "Surfer God". Later in "Magical Pet", he tires of his son's immaturity, telling him to "grow the fuck up."


  • Leonard's spirit animal is the koala as seen in "Secret Society".
  • As shown in "Frankensteve", Leonard is a part of the staff wrestling team.

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