The Mayor of China, Illinois, colloquially known as the Mayor, is in charge of the town of China, IL.


He has an on-going rivalry with the Dean. In "Dean vs. Mayor", following a riot led by the Dean, the Mayor overthrows the Dean, converting the school as he sees fit. After the Dean gets his position back, the Mayor threatens to close the school in "Chinese New Year" after all of its students fail their exams. As an audience member of the titular game in "Dean's List", he criticizes several aspects of the game, such as the merging of the teams. Afterward, the Mayor gloats about his victory in a checkers game against the Dean, and again after the Dean's failed attempt to get the upper hand. The two can overlook each other's differences, however, as shown in "China-Man Begins", when they agree that something needs to be done to improve the reception of the town. Under pressure, they assemble a think tank together in "A Gentleman's Bet", and they're later shown playing video games with one another in "Charlize".

The Mayor is shown to be a religious man. Apart from ending sentences with, "Amen," he wears a necklace with a cross on it. During his reign of UCI, he converts the school to make it a religious one, claiming that its leader should be a God-fearing one. Stretching his Christian beliefs, he bans anchovies from his restaurant in "Bi-Topping-Ality", claiming pepperonis are the only acceptable topping according to God. Despite the Christian belief, however, he later voices his support for gay marriage in the same episode.


  • He tends to speak in third person, and often in slang with a ghetto accent.
  • He holds disdain for UCI. In addition to the above, he denies the school help for its giant baby in "Baby Boom".

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